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Teen Girl Privileged Books

I am clueless to just how much money the publishing business is milking from spewing out book after book about privileged adolescents and those aiming to have the lifestyle of one. However, I am sure these novels are doing well since every time I stroll down the youth fiction aisle in a mega bookstore, I find tons of books surrounding topics of popularity and wealth without even trying to. Why is this craze so strong?

In the past, I have been a victim to this craze. Well, middle school years. And I still continue to read Private and the It Girl, but mostly because I started it and want to finish the series. Plus, I've grown to like and care for the characters, despite their shallow thoughts.

I've moved on from this phase. Still, there are two series that I have not forgotten. So here are my comments on the two books, easily readable in a day, that I recently read.

For my thoughts on the two series, PRIVATE and the IT GIRL (as well as the individual installments: Adored and Paradise Lost) visit my LJ (addictedgal) or Post: HERE.


My fave characters would be:
Heath Ferro, Brandon Buchanan, Brett Messerschmidt, and I'm starting to like Tinsley. I just don't really like Jenny or Easy.

Anyways, on to Adored: I enjoyed this installment. I'm really starting to like Sebastian, even though I still support Brett/Jeremiah.  


PARADISE LOST SPOILERS: As for who pushed her? I was really certain that it was Sawyer even though I liked him  a lot but in the excerpt for Suspicion, it seems as if a blond-haired boy is going to help her. So either Sawyer or Josh? I really missed Josh in this one. =( Upton is okay but nowhere as good as Josh! And I was really happy to see Taylor back! Though some people speculate that she pushed Reed.


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